Q.  I need some guidance with my ideas and would like to know if you can come to my house and               give me some suggestions... do you have a consulting fee?

A.   Yes, we do come out and look at your ideas and discuss in detail what you would like to do.  While        we always look forward to writing new business we also recognize that there are situations where        there is no financial benefit to do what you are considering.  We will always encourage you to                  follow through with your plans and we will work with you to find alternatives if necessary.  We do              not have a consulting fee for meeting with you.

Q.   Do you have any idea what my project could cost?

A.    No.  We put pen to paper based on field dimensions, drawings, engineer plans, etc.  We                         assemble our cost based on a schedule of values that includes all of our responsibilities for a full        turn-key project and add a fee to the total.  We submit one number to you that, if you contract with            us, is what you pay.  If there are owner-directed changes or if there are unforeseen conditions                such as poor  soil, hidden termite or water damage then we account for the cost, add a fee and              submit the addendum for your review.

Q.   How long does it take to complete a project from start to finish?

A.    There are lots of variables involved in each individual project that dictate its length.  Each project is        looked at based on its level of complexity and the different trades involved and that is how we                  determine the length and schedule.

Q.   How do you handle your billing/invoicing?

A.    Each project is reviewed with the homeowner and a draw schedule is determined.  There are                some projects that may be bank funded and we have to work to the bank's draw schedule which is        common in today's lending climate.  Some projects are of a value that we can handle until 100%            completion.

Q.   Do you take deposits or require a percentage of payment prior to the commencement of work?

A.    No.  The only time we take deposits are when we have a special order item such as custom                    cabinets or counter tops.  These trades do require a deposit for the materials and the balance                once complete with the installation.  We do offset these costs to our customers as a measure of            good faith on their behalf to follow through with the project once the order is placed.

Frequently Asked Questions