Partial or Whole-House Remodeling

Whether you want to paint and add new trim to a half bath or you want add a second story and remodel the entire first floor simultaneously, we have the capability to handle your project.

Remodeling has often been viewed as a hassle and in some cases has been described as a horrible experience.  The only reason a remodel becomes a curse instead of a blessing is because there isn't a plan in place accompanied by thorough communication.  We will provide you with both along with a fun and exciting experience.  This business is fun and we love it.

Remodels always start with a need or a dream and we are able to help you achieve both.  As with our design-build capabilities, we meet you at your house and discuss your ideas.  We develop a plan based on your input and present it to you along with an estimate of we project the total cost will be.

There may be several more meetings related to permitting (if required) prior to commencement but when we start we will be on your project consistently until it's complete.  We will be in constant communication on a daily basis keeping you informed of what we are doing and receiving feedback from you so that if we need to modify anything we can handle it immediately instead of two days later.

In short, we want your business.  You will have a great experience working with us because we do what we say we will do.